Jeanie Simoncic, Editor, Writer, Proofreader

My passion is to help writers refine their work to create lively, active, engaging, and concise prose.

Writing is a very personal endeavor. As a writer, I understand this; as an editor, I respect it. I'm careful to provide thoughtful comments and edits to help you enhance prose while preserving your voice. 

For fiction projects, I can help you:

  • define characters

  • imagine settings

  • maintain point of view and voice

  • catch plot holes and confusion with story lines

  • clarify action

  • create natural dialogue

For both fiction and nonfiction projects, I can help with:

  • organization and flow of the document

  • voice

  • clarity

  • consistency

  • grammar

  • punctuation

  • spelling

  • word usage

  • trim words

  • omit redundancy


  • The Chicago Manual of Style and The AP Stylebook

  • Microsoft Word Track with edits on screen and comments in the margin

  • Synthesize complex information and communicate it clearly and accurately

  • Adapt easily to new subjects

  • Work independently and cooperatively from inception through completion

I love exploring new manuscripts and have been amazed by the variety in the stories I've read and the imagination used to create them!

I've edited adult novels telling stories of fantasy, romantic thrillers, and crime. I've also edited fantasy books written for children and new adults. And I've relished my time spent on each project.

In nonfiction, I've edited a self-help book written by an psychoanalyst and a nutrition book authored by a nutritionist and integrative wellness coach. I also updated the previous edition of an Instructor Resource Manual to be current with the new edition of a nutrition textbook. This involved writing, editing, and research. 

Style Sheets

A style sheet gives you a reference when moving forward after editing.

Depending on the assignment, a style sheet includes explanations of grammar and punctuation, special spelling and language, references, sources, and notes on structure, character, and settings.

Specific directions by the you and decisions from our conversations also are included.

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