"Jeanie has helped extensively with making my manuscript cohesive for an American audience.  She has been able to guide me with phrasings, idiosyncrasies, spelling, and colloquialisms. I have found Jeanie's work to be of the highest standard. She communicates well and works hard to maintain individual author's voice. She takes time to explain the advice she gives and provides a professional service."--Angela Stevens, Author


"Working with Jeanie was much more valuable than a standard editing service. The basics were comprehensively covered but, in addition, Jeanie's intelligent insight into the story and its structure added a new dimension to the exercise.  I'd recommend this to any author who wants their book to be given a professional polish."--Ken Magee, Author


"Dan Holmes and I collaborated on Holmes on the Range, a novel about time spent in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Dan had the stories and I put language and color to his experience. Dan lives in Pennsylvania and I live in Virginia. So that the story had continuity, we hired Jeanie to make the narrative smooth and even. She provided a price and time for completion. She met the timeline and provided a more plastic novel while catching typos and making grammatical suggestions. We were pleased and would recommend her services for timely and appropriately done editing services."--Sam Skinner, Author