Jeanie Simoncic, Editor, Writer

Certified Personal Trainer NSCA-CPT, Certified Nutritionist

I am a skilled writer and editor with a twenty-year career in both the traditional and self-publishing industries and eleven years as a fitness and nutrition practitioner.

As an editor and writer, I enjoy creating lively, engaging, and concise prose. As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I like to study current research and trends and apply the information to my business. 

I love working in both fields, and I'm excited to combine these passions. I am thorough, efficient, and value the importance of organization and communication.


  • Updated previous edition of an Instructor Resource Manual to be current with the new edition of a nutrition textbook. This involved writing, editing, and research.
  • Editor for, a blog devoted to athletic speed development highlighting articles  written by coaches in the field. I help the writers express their ideas and complex science in language that's easy to understand. Subjects include the physiology, anatomy, and science involved in athletic movement, strength and speed development, programming, nutrition, recovery, and psychology.
  • Edited a nutrition and lifestyle book authored by a practicing nutritionist
  • Wrote profiles of adaptive athletes receiving grants from Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance for the organization's website
  • Developed website and researched, wrote, and edited fitness and nutrition articles for

For editing projects, I'll help refine your work by concentrating on:

  • organization and flow
  • clarity
  • trim words
  • omit redundancy
  • consistency
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • spelling
  • word usage

I'll also develop a custom style sheet for use as a reference when making additions or revisions to your manuscript. Style sheets are explained below.


  • The Chicago Manual of Style and The AP Stylebook
  • Synthesize complex information and communicate it clearly and accurately
  • Adapt easily to new subjects
  • Work independently from inception through completion
  • Microsoft Word Track with edits on screen and comments in the margin


Style Sheets

A style sheet gives you a reference when moving forward after editing.

Depending on the assignment, a style sheet includes explanations of grammar and punctuation, special spelling and language, references, sources, and notes on structure.

I'll also include directions by you and decisions from our conversations.